We recently attended the National Prayer Summit.  Bishop Tudor Bismark taught one section on decrees and declarations.

 You will make your prayer to Him,
      He will hear you,
      And you will pay your vows.

 You will also declare a thing,
      And it will be established for you;
      So light will shine on your ways.

Job 22 27-28

Declarations and decrees start at home.  Here are a few to begin declaring over yourself and your family:

  1. I decree by the decree of heaven, that greatness in my house and my life shall be resurrected.  In the name of Jesus.
  2. I decree that in the remaining weeks and months of this year, that God will answer all of my prayers with breakthrough.
  3. I decree by the Poser of the Holy Ghost, every obstacle to my uncommon breakthrough shall be cleared away, in Jesus name.
  4. I decree whether it is convenient for the enemy or not, my God shall arise this year and my giants shall be scattered, in Jesus Name.
  5. I decree, if the enemy has made my program fail, it will succeed in Jesus name.
  6. I decree that the devourer will not consume my blessings, in Jesus name.
  7. I decree every move the enemy makes will be reversed with powerful breakthroughs, in the name of Jesus.
  8. I decree that oil of gladness that the Lord has assigned to my head shall not run dry, in Jesus name.
  9. I decree that my mouth shall speak and the darkness shall flee.  And blessings will flow, in the Name of Jesus.
  10. I decree that every power that does not want joy and happiness shall be removed in the name of Jesus.
  11. I decree that any seat that belongs to me that the enemy is presently occupying, WILL BE RETURNED AND RESTORED, in Jesus name.
  12. I decree anty pattern of darkness that has enveloped me, I command them to be broken, in Jesus Name.
  13. I decree by the power of God, I shall meet the right people at the right place in the mighty name of Jesus.
  14. I decree that the remainder of this year, I shall laugh last over my enemies, in Jesus name.
  15. I decree, God shall turn my worst times into my best times, in Jesus name.
  16. I decree that every satanic assignment against my life and family shall be removed, in name of Jesus.
  17. I decree I shall not struggle to be recognized.  God shall announce me and promote me, in the name of Jesus.
  18. I decree the voice of witchcraft will be destroyed over my life, in Jesus name.
  19. I decree in the remainder of this year, I shall be a candidate for uncommon favor and blessing in Jesus name.
  20. I decree that every weapon formed against me shall not prosper.  I decree that I will not enter into any vehicle of destruction and well not enter into any building of destruction, in Jesus name.
  21. I decree the Power of God will consume all of my problems, in Jesus name.
  22. I decree promotion and elevation shall find me over and over again, in Jesus name.
  23. I decree that my expectations will not be cut off, in Jesus name.
  24. I decree the blessing of the  Lord will make me rich with no sorrow, in the name of Jesus.
  25. I decree the BLOOD of Jesus will deliver me from all demonic evil, in Jesus name.
  26. I decree the name of the Lord shall protect me and my family, in Jesus name.

All of these items can also be declared over others by changing the “I” to “you” (except where  “I” is the beginning of the decree) or “my” to “your”.